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There are so many wonderful places to stay in the Lower Florida Keys. From beautiful resorts and hotels to campgrounds and marinas or even magnificent private homes. Whether your style is being pampered by the pool or getting in touch with nature at a beachfront campground, the choice is yours. Camping is extremely popular in the Lower Keys. The wide land mass and unique terrain provide an excellent environment for our many campgrounds and marinas. Ranging from small, private parks to the large resort-type camping areas, the Lower Keys have it all for true nature enthusiasts.

There are lots of great hotels and resorts to choose from in the Lower Florida Keys. From simple & casual hotels to full-service resorts, we really have it all...

For a complete list of ACCOMMODATIONS, click here.

Perhaps you're thinking of renting (or buying) an entire house for your Florida vacation. Many of the local Real Estate companies offer vacation rentals in addition to sales; some with open water views, deep-water access and swimming pools.

For a complete list of REAL ESTATE COMPANIES some offering VACATION RENTALS, click here.

We at the Lower Keys Chamber of Commerce invite you to join us in protecting our environmentally sensitive area, so others can experience it for many years to come.  Please respect our wildlife by not littering: 

  • Plastic bags easily entangle wildlife and can be ingested, leading to suffocation or starvation.  Sea turtles, fish and birds often mistake plastic soda rings, "baggies," styrofoam particles and plastic pellets for food, which can lead to death.

  • Fishing line, discarded improperly can entangle birds and marine life, resulting in suffocation, starvation, drowning, increased vulnerability to predators or death.  Lines can constrict an entangled animal's movement, which results in exhaustion or development of an infection from deep wounds caused by tightening material

  • Be mindful of pelicans that often dive for bait on a fisherman's line. Cutting the bird loose only makes the problem worse, as the pelican gets its wings and feet tangled in the line or gets snagged onto a tree.

  • The Lower Keys Chamber of Commerce strongly encourages recycling: There is weekly curbside recycling collection at no charge for Monroe County residential properties, and recyclables DO NOT NEED TO BE SORTED.  What could be easier???

    Everything we do has some sort of impact on this fragile area in which we live, so please enjoy it with us and partner with our community in safeguarding our precious resources. Click here for a brochure on recycling in Monroe County, Florida


    Overseas Highway
    an All-American Road

    The Florida Keys Scenic Highway (FKSH) corridor runs from Mile Marker 110, north of the spectacular Jewfish Creek Bridge, to Mile Marker 0 in Old Town Key West. The scenic highway corridor also extends five miles on each side of the highway. So, the FKSH truly encompasses all of the Florida Keys, its natural wonders, and its communities...Read more, Click here.

    Green Business

    The Lower Keys Chamber of Commerce has met the standards of Florida Keys Green Living & Energy Education Green Business Program.

    You can be low-key
    in the Lower Florida Keys

    If you've had enough of an overcrowded and weary world, the islands of the Lower Keys are the place for you... Read More, Click Here

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